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Solar Roof Ventilator SAV10W


Linear Mini Exhaust Fan: 3 in 1 with LED Light (White)


Linear Exhaust Fan: 3 in 1 with LED Light (Silver)


Solar Roof Ventilator SAV30


Solar Roof Ventilator SAV20


Square Plastic Vent 150mm (White)


Airbus Exhaust Fan: 3 in 1 with LED Light (White)


Ventair Airbus 300 Low Profile Exhaust Fan: Square (White)


Heat Transfer Kit: 1-3 Room VKM (with 18m of duct)


Heat Transfer Kit: 1-1 Room Premium (with 12m of duct)


Inline Kit 5: Large room up to 37m3 TT Silent 150mm


Inline Kit 2: Small room up to 12m3 VKO 125mm


Inline Kit 1: Small room up to 6m3 VKO 100mm


VK Plastic Centrifugal Inline Exhaust Fan: 100mm


VKO Axial Inline Exhaust Fan: 125mm


VKM Centrifugal Inline Exhaust Fan: 315mm


Maxair Wall Exhaust Fan: 150mm (White)


Ventair Slimline Exhaust Fan: 150mm (White)


S Series Exhaust Fan: 125mm (White)


Ventair Airbus Low Profile Exhaust Fan With LED Light: Square 250mm (White)