How Many Blades?

ceiling fan blades

A common misconception is that the more blades, the more airflow you will get. While some of our most powerful fans do have a large number of blades, it is not a rule of thumb.

A good example is the Aeratron which has a 2 and 3 blade option, we often get asked what the difference is, and the answer is mainly aesthetics. See the data below that proves this:

Fan Model Airflow RPM
Aeratron AE2 50″ – 2 Blade 9,837m3/hr 177
Aeratron AE3 50″ – 3 Blade 10,073m3/hr 158

As you can see there is very little difference in airflow between the two and in fact the revolutions per minute (RPM) is lower.

In fact, each additional blade increases the drag on the fan’s motor which theoretically slows the fan down. There are several factors that influence performance including:

  • Blade pitch
  • Installation location (size of the room)
  • Height at which the fan is installed
  • Motor power
  • Materials
  • Fan design

The airflow figure (m3/hr) is often one of the most helpful figures in determining performance as this is what you will feel from the fan. So whether a 2 blade or 9 blade fan, check the specifications to make your decision.


Have a preference in the number of blades you want your fan to have? Our Product Filter on category pages allows you to narrow to the number of blades you desire. Simply select the Filter:

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…and select the number of blades required then select “FILTER SELECTED”