Best Ceiling Fans for Bedroom

The best ceiling fans for bedroom use don’t need to move as much air as fans placed in other parts of the house.  This is because it takes less air movement to keep you cool if you’re sleeping (and relatively still) compared to when you’re awake and moving about. A bedroom ceiling fan needs to operate effectively on its lower speeds and operate reasonably quietly.  Here’s our favourite fans for bedrooms.

Eco Silent DC Ceiling Fan (Fanco)

eco silent fan

This fan is extremely popular for bedrooms. On low speeds, this fan offers  gentle and effective air movement. This is just enough to keep you cool on a warm night, but not so much that you start to freeze. For customers who wish to combine a fan and light, the Eco Silent is also available with an LED.

Polar DC Ceiling Fan (Hunter Pacific)

polar ceiling fan

The Polar DC Ceiling fan spins quite gently on its lowest speed where it rotates just 75 times per minute. This is one of the first DC fans with a compatible wall control accessory (optional extra), and as a bonus, the receiver can pair with both the wall control and remote, allowing you to switch between the two controls.

Bondi Ceiling Fan (Eglo)

bondi ceiling fan

Both of the Bondi’s sizes (48″ and 52″) work well in bedrooms and can be adapted to a remote control if you wish. The model with light allows you to select from cool, natural or warm light. This function allows you to create your optimal environment for sleeping.

 Urban 2 ceiling fan range (Fanco)

urban 2 fan

Even once you’ve decided on the Urban 2, you still have plenty of options. The DC version is a customer favourite for bedrooms, partly because of its quiet operation. The AC version (picture here) also operates very effectively. This range opens up a lot of possibilities for people looking for a light including E27 options as well as LEDs with CCT functionality.

Eco Breeze (Fanco)

eco breeze fan

Some bedrooms need a sleek modern look, which the Eco Breeze delivers in four great colours. This remote-operated fan offers 5 speeds and a timer setting, which can switch your fan off while you sleep. The model with light has a sleek design which complements the design of the fan.

Tempo DC (Brilliant)

tempo dc fan

Brilliant Lighting’s Tempo DC ceiling fan is another excellent option for bedrooms. With 5 speeds to choose from, this fan will make an efficient addition to your bedroom. This simple design is available with or without light and comes with a remote.

Cabarita (Eglo)

cabarita fan

If your bedroom deserves a centrepiece, the Cabarita might just be it. This is a relatively new fan, but fans with similar airflow specifications are proving very popular for bedroom use. It’s also a great choice if you want to match the bedrooms with other areas because  while this fan is capable of high airflow, on its slower speeds it provides air movement which suits sleeping.

Spyda (Ventair)

spyda fan

No matter how big the bedroom is, there’s a Spyda that will fit. The range includes sizes from 36″ right through to 62″, but for bedrooms we suggest starting by looking at the 36″ and 50″ options. These sizes allow you to concentrate air circulation over a smaller area like a bed. These fans can also be adapted to remote, so you can operate them without getting out of bed.

Nevis (Eglo)

nevis fan

The Nevis also makes a fan-tastic feature in bedrooms with its elegant three blade design. It comes with a remote control which allows you a choice between 5 speeds and delivers enough airflow to keep you cool on warm nights.

Bulimba (Airborne)

bulimba fan

Another subtle option for bedrooms in the Bulimba Ceiling Fan. Its AC motor gives the user three speed options. Although it moves a little more air on low speed than some of the other fans on this list, it still makes a good choice for bedrooms if you’re looking for an affordable and effective model.