Best Ceiling Fans for Small Rooms

best ceiling fans small rooms

Some rooms may be quite tight and restricted in space but the good news is this does not necessarily mean that you cannot install a ceiling fan!
If you’re currently looking at the size of the room and thinking a standard 52” may look a little big in such a limited space, then we have a range of options that have a smaller blade span! It’s really only a matter of how small you would like to go.

The second most popular size for bedrooms other than a 52” is the marginally reduced span of 48”. One of our most popular models is the Eco Silent. It comes in a range of variations, including models with a 52” or 48” blade span as well as integrated light options. Even though you may wish to have a 48” in the bedroom, this combination can become quite handy when trying to keep all the ceiling fans throughout the home in unison without being restricted to having the same size in every room or forced to entertain the idea of different styles to suit your requirements.

Apartments often have two complications. Not only are the rooms usually smaller than standard but the ceiling is often quite low. In the instance that an electrician has confirmed install is possible in your intended location you may wish to consider installing a fan like Fanco’s Low Profile. It has a modern style, whilst sitting flush on the ceiling resulting in a ceiling to base drop of roughly 200mm (approx.) as opposed to the standard 300mm.
This range also has a petite 44” model with an integrated light that may be ideal for rooms considerably smaller than standard.

It is also important to consider the best ceiling fans for small rooms that are outdoor, undercover such as alfresco areas. For example, the Spyda fan may be a great option to have throughout your home to keep a consistent style. It is available in a 56”, 49” or a cute 36”. The three colour options can be selected to blend into your décor in particular rooms and it is also light adaptable with the option of Warm or Natural White.

All of the above models mentioned are not only functionally great options but they are also incredibly affordable in comparison to other models.

If you have a more traditional styled home it can be quite difficult to find a smaller fan that would fit in aesthetically. The Irene is a unique option for those in this predicament with a 42” size option however, has no light option available. Although, have you considered installing down lights with the ceiling fan in the centre? For more information on this please visit our Ceiling Fans and Down lights blog.

If in doubt of what size you would need, in truth there is no hard and fast way to make this determination. It is predominantly based on personal preference. What we usually suggest is to use a measuring tape to map out the diameter of the fan you’re looking at purchasing and ask yourself a few questions including:
Does it look proportionate in the room? If not, should I consider a smaller model?
Or alternatively, can you afford to install a slightly larger model?

Remember that if you’re able to install a 48” or 52” you will have several more options to choose from. Models will generally have higher airflow capabilities and of course there will be a wider range of designs to select from.

If unsure of which fan might be suitable for your space do not hesitate to contact us on: 03 9017 1161 or send us an email to [email protected]