Choosing the Best Ceiling Fan for Outdoor, Entertainment Areas

best ceilign fans outdoor

When looking for the best outdoor ceiling fans, it is important to consider your application carefully so that the selected fan will be able to tolerate the environmental conditions in order to ensure longevity. Our range is complete with various styles and colours making it easier to find one that will suit your space. Generally, your fan will be either:

    • Fully Undercover

If a fan is suitable for outdoor, undercover use it will often be referred to as ‘damp rated’. This means it can be used in an outdoor space as long as it is not exposed to the rain. Ensure that the ceiling fan will be installed far enough from the edges or that the sides are enclosed to guarantee protection from the wind as well. If left unprotected the strength of the wind itself can cause damage to the fan motor over time. All fans suitable for Outdoor Use can be found here.

    • At risk of being splashed

If you believe your fans are too close to the edge and may be exposed to the occasional splash of rain or water you would need to make sure the fan you’re purchasing is classified as ‘wet rated’. This select few fans will be more equipped to handle these environmental conditions.
Each fan with a wet rating will have a different level of protection against both solids and water. To know the full extent of its protection against these elements look out for models with an IP rating. Below is a table to help you decipher which IP rating will be suitable for your needs:


 (first digit) 

 Degree of Protection 

against ingress of solids 


 (second digit) 

 Degree of Protection

against ingress of water 

X Untested or not specified. X Untested or not specified.
0 No Protection. 0 No Protection.
1 Protected against solid objects: 50mm in size or larger. 1 Protected against vertically falling drops of water.
2 Protected against solid objects: 12mm in size or larger. 2 Protected against vertically falling drops of water when fixture is tilted up to 15 degrees in any direction.
3 Protected against solid objects: 2.5mm in size or larger. 3 Protected against sprays of water from any angle up to 60 degrees.
4 Protection against solid objects: 1mm in size or larger. 4 Protected against sprays or splashes of water from any direction.
5 Limited protection against the ingress of dust.

Sufficient protection against harmful amounts that effect operation and functionality.

5 Protected against low pressure jets of water from any direction.
6 Dustproof – Full protection against dust entry. 6 Protection against heavy seas or a strong jet of water from any direction.
7 7 Protection against temporary submersion. No deeper than 50cm.
8 8 Protected against continuous submersion. No deeper than 100cm.

The fan with the highest IP rating in our range is the Malibu ceiling fan (IP55). This model is also available in Titanium.

    • In a Coastal Location

This will require a fan with a ‘coastal rating’ even if being installed indoors or in an alfresco area. Fans are susceptible to corroding because of the salty air. Therefore, there is a specific range of fans that are constructed to withstand this more so than a standard fan. Coastal Fans will generally have plastic or marine grade, stainless steel blades as they are able to endure these conditions a lot better as opposed to a timber blade for example. Feel free to browse our Coastal Ceiling Fan range.

 To Conclude: No fan is completely immune to environmental conditions but selecting an appropriate fan and regularly maintaining it as per the care instructions will assist in preserving its cosmetic condition and functionality for as long as possible. To find the best ceiling fan for outdoor areas will largely depend on each, individual installation. Not only are style, size and aesthetics important but so is sufficient durability especially if the fan is installed in a coastal location or at risk of getting wet.

If unsure of which fan might be suitable for your space do not hesitate to contact us on: 03 9017 1161 or send us an email to [email protected]