Coastal Ceiling Fans FAQ

coastal ceiling fans faq

Having a ceiling fans in a house by the sea can be tricky, even indoors, as the salty air ruins everything! However don’t despair – we have many great options for you that will resist the salty air.

Essentially, they can be broken down into a few main categories. The first is those with plastic blades – but it is good to also check the material of the motor, as for example, aluminium will be better than regular steel. The second is those made from 316 marine grade stainless steel. These will not rust, but they will require cleaning a few times a year to ensure they don’t get tea stains and keep looking sharp.

Many outdoor ceiling fans will be perfect for coastal locations because they are designed to withstand weather conditions, if not specifically salty air, and so they are made from the same resistant materials. Here at Lumera we have created a specific ‘Coastal Location’ category so that you can see the fans we most recommend for this situation. Remember, if in doubt, just ask us via email or telephone!

To view our full range of ceiling fans suitable for coastal locations, see our Coastal Ceiling Fan category.